Saving Sky

In the aftermath of saving Earth from the Rocon invasion, Nox and Sky are both relieved to discover that they have somehow survived. However, their relief does not last long as they quickly realize how precarious their position is on a hostile new planet. If the locals don’t get them, the nearby star or the planet itself might spell their doom.

Earning their scars and praying to the stars that they can stay alive long enough to tell their tale around the Darkfires, Nox and Sky must learn to rely on allies and friends who appear in the most unexpected places.

When Sky is pushed beyond her mental limits, Nox and their new friends must cross the universe multiple times over to save her from the fallout of what she has endured. As the target on Sky’s back gets bigger, she must find healing within herself if she is ever going to reclaim her life and everything she’s lost.


I.T. nerd by day, writer by night, single mom through it all, Jennifer Grace has been writing fantasy, fiction, and science fiction since she was 12 years old. Her first job at the public library only fueled her passion for stories and the written word. The American Literature class she took in high school simply sealed the deal where she set a goal to write the next great American novel that ends happily (so American Lit classes would not have to suffer through a solid year of reading only fantastically depressing works which seem to predominantly represent American Literature).

Jennifer Grace grew up in a town nestled in one of the many nooks of the Rocky Mountains, and she’s called that valley home ever since. While the tech world grabbed Jennifer Grace shortly into adulthood and formed her into an I.T. nerd for life, there was a point in time when she almost became an auto mechanic. She had a dream of owning her own garage one day where she could restore old classic cars and trucks and write books in between.

After work, when Jennifer Grace is not adulting or writing, you might find her gaming with her son (who is slowly taking over her gamer screen name) or she might be binging the latest anime her son has introduced her to. Other hobbies near and dear to Jennifer’s heart are painting, photography, and stargazing.

The stars have always captivated Jennifer Grace. Often, she has wondered what else is out there. The more she learns about space and the stars, the more she wants to know. Jennifer Grace always makes a wish when she sees a shooting star.

Jennifer’s life is a beautiful mosaic of  strength, survival, and perseverance. The wealth of experience that Jennifer Grace brings to the table shows up in her books from time to time, woven into the story in subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle ways.

With every ounce of her hopelessly romantic soul, Jennifer Grace brings you The Darkfire Tales, a series of fantastical stories filled with interstellar adventures, growth, healing, and most importantly, love.

Deep down, Jennifer Grace believes that real love conquers all.